RCR Reunion: 5 August 2017
Former members serving with The Royal Canadian Regiment in London, ON, will meet in the city for one day. The reunion begins at The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, at 10am. Special activities will be available for the attendees, however the musuem only hosts the gathering. For details about this reunion, please contact the organizers (Clair Whyte, clairwhyte5000@gmail.com).

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The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, as a component of The Royal Canadian Regiment, will preserve, collect and present artifacts, archives and other militaria that are relevant for the history of the Regiment in order to assist in building pride, esprit and solidarity amongst all members of The RCR family. The Museum will also foster a deeper understanding of the Regimental experience, within the broader context of military and Canadian history, among other veterans, communities in the London area and all Canadians.

The RCR Museum will promote and enhance the pride that Canadians have in their military and its achievements through ensuring they know the story of one of our nation's great Regiments.