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Artefact Donations

Please be advised that the museum is not accepting artefact donations until January 2024 due to overflowing backlog. Please check back again at this time. If you wish to discuss further details, please contact our Curator, Dr. Georgiana Stanciu.

Once you have decided to donate to our museum, please fill out our Intention to Donate Form (downloadable PDF) and provide an itemized listing with a brief description of every item e.g. title, timeline, provenance (history). All offers are considered and once a decision is made, the curatorial staff will communicate with every potential donor for further arrangements. Please do not attach any items to this intention to donate form.

Download: Intention to Donate Form (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is a Donation Agreement or Deed of Gift?
  2. Am I entitled to an income tax receipt?
  3. Will the artefacts be displayed?
  4. What happens to items that are not on display?
  5. Can I borrow the donated artefacts back once they have been donated?
  6. Will the artefacts be kept forever?
  7. What if I change my mind?