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Artefact Donations

Once you have decided to donate to our museum, please fill out our Intention to Donate Form (downloadable PDF) and provide an itemized listing with a brief description of every item e.g. title, timeline, provenance (history). All offers are considered and once a decision is made, the curatorial staff will communicate with every potential donor for further arrangements. Please do not attach any items to this intention to donate form.

Download: Intention to Donate Form (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is a Donation Agreement or Deed of Gift?
  2. Am I entitled to an income tax receipt?
  3. Will the artefacts be displayed?
  4. What happens to items that are not on display?
  5. Can I borrow the donated artefacts back once they have been donated?
  6. Will the artefacts be kept forever?
  7. What if I change my mind?