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Online Collection

About the Online Collection

The Online Collection database holds a variety of objects, photographs, and archives related to The Royal Canadian Regiment, and its perpetuated units, whose histories span from 1812 to the present day. The collection covers the activities of the Regiment in times of peace and conflict, including both domestic and overseas operations.

The Online Collection does not feature every artefact held at the museum. However, it is our goal to make all material accessible to the public. We have digitized many artefacts in our collection, but it is a gradual and ongoing process. We will be adding artefact records to the Online Collection regularly as digitization efforts continue to progress.

Using the Database

The Search button allows you to perform a general search across multiple fields (including title, catalogue number, and description) to find artefacts in the collection.


  • Searches are not case sensitive;
  • To search for a specific phrase, be sure to put it in quotes or each word will be searched separately (e.g. "Second World War");
  • Boolean operators can be used to build searches. Use "OR" to search for synonyms and related concepts with one search (ex. sidearm OR pistol). Use "AND" to establish a relationship between two or more keywords. (ex. Gregg AND pistol);
  • The (*) symbol can be used to close out a word (ex. histor* would return records containing history, histories, historical, etc.).

The catalogue buttons, Archives/Photos/Objects, can be used to narrow your search to only artefacts within the selected catalogue. For example, if you only want to search for Objects, click the Objects button and type in your keyword(s) or phrase. You can also simply browse items within that catalogue without performing a search.

The Random Images button allows you to browse a set of randomized images of artifacts within the collection. If something piques your interest, click the thumbnail to view a larger version of the image, and navigate to the artifact record.

Image Requests

The images featured in the Online Collection serve the primary purpose of documenting artefacts, and they have been reduced in size to work properly with our database software. If you would like to request high quality images of an artefact for publication or research, please click the image thumbnail and use the "Request Image" feature.


If you would like to provide us with information (ex. names, dates, locations) that might improve our records, please feel free to click the "Send us Feedback" icon that appears in the top right corner of each artefact record.


At this time, all records in the online collection are written in English. As digitization of the collection progresses, we will take the necessary steps to make a French version of the online database available.

Lance Corporal of The RCR Holding a Lewis Gun, ca. 1914-1918, The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, Archives Collection