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Stories from the Collection highlights artifacts in our holdings, as well as the fascinating stories they bring to light. Most of them are in storage, but some may also be seen on display. Browse through the various stories to see archives and objects up close.

Sports Teams and Trophies (1910-1950)

BY Jessica Stevenson, MI, MMSt

The museum collection contains many items related to sporting events held throughout time. Trophies, banners, and paraphernalia, these items relate to the same event or tournament, providing us (with an) the opportunity to connect artefacts and documents together. This story highlights examples of team photos and their accompanying trophies in our collection, from the period of 1910 to 1950.

Merry Season through the Ranks

By Georgiana Stanciu, PhD

‘Tis the Season to search for Christmas cards and greetings in our collection. Sent or received by the RCR, the greeting cards selected for this Story span from 1898 to 1923. They are unique composite images, making reference to the history of the unit.

Ground-breaking History: Shovels and E-Tools

By Jessica Stevenson, MI, MMSt

From building trenches in the First World War to filling sandbags during modern weather events, digging and the ability to move materials around have always been significant skills for a soldier to have. Consequently, the military has provided and used a number of variations in digging equipment over the years. This story features several of our collection’s examples of two common types: the Entrenching Tool and the General Service Shovel.

H.T. Cock Manuscript: 1919-1933

by Erik Rayment, MA, MLIS

Harry Tredennick Cock's manuscript titled "Short History of The Royal Canadian Regiment, 1883-1933" is a valuable document from our Archive Collection that discusses the first 50 years of The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR). This story focuses on The RCR’s service from 1919, just after the end of the First World War, to 1933, the 50th anniversary of the regiment.

Making Peace in Korea

by Benjamin Gladstone, BA, MA

The museum archive collection holds an unique scrapbook assembled by James. F. Doig about the Korean War (1951-1954). The scrapbook was put together after Doig's involvement with the United Nations Military Armistice Commission between July 1953 and June 1954. Check this story for a detailed account of Doig's experience in southeastern Asia.

Recent Acquisition: Ceremonial Sword, 1866

By Georgiana Stanciu, PhD

A bequeath from the Estate of the late Richard Segee and one of the museum's recent additions to the collection,  brings us to RSM Thomas McKenzie. The name is familiar to all those who serve, past and present, with The Royal Canadian Regiment as the "first recruit." Appointed Regimental Sergeant Major of "A" Company, Infantry School Corps, a position he maintained until his retirement in 1895, McKenzie also wrote "My Life as a Soldier", an autobiographical account of his exploits in the British, and the Canadian Army. Check this Story to find out more about this ceremonial sword, British infantry pattern 1822/45.

7 June 1939: a Royal Visit and The RCR

By Georgiana Stanciu, PhD

This Story features the 1939 Royal Visit to London, Ontario. According to the London Free Press of 3 June 1939, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth stopped for "a four-mile tour of London streets." The royal couple was following an itinerary through southern Ontario, taking them from Stratford on 6 June to London the next day. From here, King George and Queen Elizabeth continued with a state visit to the United States, but it was for the first time that Royals visited our city. "C" Company, The Royal Canadian Regiment was stationed in town and presented honours.

H.T. Cock Manuscript: Europe

by Erik Rayment, MA, MLIS

Harry Tredennick Cock's manuscript titled "Short History of The Royal Canadian Regiment, 1883-1933" is a valuable document from our Archive Collection that discusses the first 50 years of The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR). This story will focus on the regiment’s service in England, France, and Belgium during the First World War, and it features text, photographs, and ephemera from the manuscript.

H.T. Cock Manuscript: Bermuda

by Erik Rayment, MA, MLIS

Harry Tredennick Cock's manuscript titled "Short History of The Royal Canadian Regiment, 1883-1933" is a valuable document from our Archive Collection that discusses the first 50 years of The RCR's history. For this Story, we will be focusing on the regiment's service in Bermuda from September 1914 to August 1915. It features original text and photographs from the manuscript.

Prince Philip at Wolseley Barracks

By Georgiana Stanciu, PHD

The late Duke of Edinburgh was appointed Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Canadian Regiment on 8 Dec 1953. Consequently, he visited the Regiment stationed in London, ON, on several occasions. Our collection holds souvenirs, mementoes and a large photo archive related to these visits.

1RCR in Cyprus, 1970

By Jessica Stevenson, MI, MMSt

From 1964 to 1993, the Canadian government deployed military personnel to assist the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) in a mission called Operation SNOWGOOSE. Canadian soldiers patrolled the neutral zone, known as the Green Line, between Greek and Turkish Cypriots to keep the existing tension from starting a war. The Royal Canadian Regiment deployed personnel to Cyprus several times during this period. This Story features items related to the 1st Battalion of The RCR’s deployment to Cyprus from 28 March to 10 October, 1970.

Villiers: Drawings from the South African War

By Georgiana Stanciu, PhD

The museum collection includes a series of sketches by British war correspondent Frederic Villiers (1851 – 1922). He made the drawings during his attachment to the “Kimberley Relief Column”, a British cavalry force under Lieutenant-General John French’s command, who brought to an end the siege of Kimberley (11 to 15 February 1900) during the Second Boer War or South African War.

The "Royals" of CFB Baden-Soellingen

By Jessica Stevenson, MI, MMSt

Recreational sports and sporting competitions hold a significant place in military life. From team sports such as hockey and baseball, to tests of individual skill like billiards and shooting competitions, our collection holds many examples of trophies, banners, and paraphernalia related to The RCR sporting events. In this Story, we will highlight items related to the 3RCR “Royals” hockey team, which competed in the Canadian Forces Europe Hockey League (CFEHL) from 1977 to 1984. The team won the CFEHL championship in 1980 and 1981. Were you or someone you know involved in this league? We would love to hear your story, just email us!

Citations, domestic honours for General Charles Foulkes

By Georgiana Stanciu, PhD

In addition to the citations for foreign medals featured in a previous Story, General Charles Foulkes was decorated numerous times under the domestic System of Honours and Awards, British Commonwealth and Canadian. The certificates and citations were donated to the museum by the recipient in 1960. The lot included his Commission to the rank of Captain issued in 1932, alongside appointment to Companion of Order of Canada (CC), Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB), Additional Commander of the Order of British Empire (CBE), Member of the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) and Mentioned in Despatches. This Story will be available starting 27 November 2020.

Citations, foreign orders and decorations for General Foulkes

by Georgiana Stanciu, PhD

Throughout his career, Charles Foulkes received several foreign orders and decorations. Most of them came with a certificate citation including the date of the award, the reasons for which the honour was bestowed, and the signature of dignitaries in the respective countries. One of them was Harry Truman, President of the United States. Check this Story!