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Education Programs

We offer a variety of educational experiences for grades 3+, Ontario curriculum based. Choose what is best suited to you and your classroom here. Explore our programs, and request a booking three weeks in advance by clicking the links below:

Any questions? Larger group? Looking for something not listed? Contact the Public Programmer.

Your Education Guide is available in digital format here or hard copy at the museum.

We do not charge admission fees, but an honorarium in lieu of admin arrangements is highly appreciated. E-transfer not accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions below may provide some additional answers, but you are welcome to connect with our Public Programmer if more information is needed.

Education Resources have also been developed, available for learning at home or in the classroom.

For updates, you can sign up for Teachers’ Corner.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access the museum site?

The entrance to the property is at the south most gate on Elizabeth Street. This video and the map below show how to access the museum. Please note that the parade square cannot be used as a parking space, please use the designated parking area.If you are walking, it is approximately a 5 - 10 min walk from the gate to the museum entrance.

The museum is situated on an active military base. Do not attempt to access other buildings or wander around the property farther than the museum surroundings.

Can I take food or drinks in the galleries?

No, food or drink, including water bottles are not permitted in the museum galleries. If visitors require scheduled meals for medical reasons, please let museum staff know upon your arrival.

Is the museum accessible?

The museum galleries and gift shop are fully accessible and the artefact storage area is partially accessible. In the main lobby there is a 34-inch-wide lift to reach the main floor or gift shop. In the galleries there is a ramp for an elevation change and an elevator to access the second floor. There is limited seating within the gallery spaces.There is a small ledge to access the virtual reality platform.

In the second floor gallery audio plays in different sections, with some being motion triggered. There is a gender neutral, accessible bathroom with infant change table at the end of the first floor galleries in addition to the men’s and women’s bathrooms.

Can I post pictures taken at the museum online?

Yes, as long as the images depict the museum indoors. Unfortunately, pictures taken outdoors cannot be shared online.

a) The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum reserves the right to take photographs of all tours for documentation and marketing purposes, unless otherwise specified by the Agreement.
b) It is your group leader responsibility to notify the museum prior to your visit if there are restrictions in regards to taking photographs of all or any of individual in your group.
c) All images remain the sole property of The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum and may be used for promotional purposes.

Is there a space that we can have lunch in before or after the visit?

Yes, the museum multi-purpose room is usually available. Please contact the museum to discuss this.

Is there parking for the school bus?

Yes, school busses can park in the museum parking lot.

What city busses stop near the museum?

Busses for Routes 4, 16, and 17 stop at Oxford Street and Adelaide Street.

What technology requirements are required for online programs?

If you are taking part in an online asynchronous program you will need to able to access Google Drive. For synchronous programs you will need sufficient internet to maintain a video call, as well as webcam, microphone, and a screen for participants to watch and interact with the presentation.

Can education programs be booked for non school groups?

Yes, our education programs can be available for different community organizations.

What are the supervision requirements for onsite programs?

To conduct/deliver a program onsite, any group larger than 15 youth will be divided into smaller sections. Consequently, adequate adult supervision is required for each of the sections. As a general rule, at least one adult supervisor must accompany each section at all times while visiting the museum.

Does the museum have a gift shop?

Yes, the museum has a gift shop and it accepts cash, debit, and credit.